Deposit sales

In general, we do not buy back instruments directly from individuals.

Newer and / or inexpensive study instruments are not accepted.
If this system is suitable for you, you can present your instrument to us for examination in our workshop
(approximately two days) to determine whether it does not require essential interventions to put it on sale.


• the general architecture of the instrument may not have major faults
• the instrument must not show any unrepaired fracture
• no part must be detached (edges, fingerboard, etc.)
• the tuning pegs / machine heads must be perfectly adjusted
• the strings cannot be oxidized or damaged
• the bridge must be straight and suitably cut
• the spacing of the strings must be correct and regular

A consignment contract can only be validly concluded after having remedied any problems that may be detected.
If repairs and upgrades are undertaken in our workshops, they will need to be paid for before the instrument is
actually offered for sale.
These requirements allow in principle to give more luck to the presented instrument and to reduce the exhibition
time in store, but without any formal guarantee in this respect.